Course curriculum

  • 1

    Rethinking Time Off

  • 2

    Workshopping / Redesigning Time Off

    • Your First Time Off Leadership Workshop

    • Understand Your Team's Rest Ethic

    • Experiment With Earned & Incentivized Time Off

  • 3

    Optimize Time Off

    • The Time Off / Rest Ethic Model

    • You Must Lead by Example

    • The 3 P's For Getting Better at Time Off

    • We Are Here to Help You

Get workshop templates to understand your team's "rest ethic."

This course will enable you to prevent burnout and unlock more creativity within your team and company. It is time to improve your culture's practice of intentional time off.

Prevent burnout at your company

In recent years, the annual global cost of productivity loss is over US$1 Trillion as a direct result of mental/physical health issues from overwork🤯. We help you prevent burnout and unlock more creativity through leading a better deliberate practice of time off within your team.