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Be deliberate with time off, practice it and master it.

We all struggle to take time off when we need it. This course is a new way to work smarter through the art of intentional time off. We took the actionable advice from our internationally bestselling book "Time Off" and organized it into this online course.

Learn the practices of successful and calm leaders

The greatest minds in history understood the need for time off. But this is not an outdated concept. Even though most of us seem to devalue it today, time off is as applicable – and essential – now as it ever was, more so even. Our course is filled with advice from world-class leaders that you can put it into practice.

What you will learn:

Time off and leisure are the essential skills and competitive advantages that keep your company happy, creative, and unique. Let us help you get better at it.

  • Understand what leads to burnout and how modern society lost site of the importance of time off

  • How time off is essential for the creative process and continuous improvement

  • How to design a "rest ethic" that is as good as your work ethic

  • Identify what you want to subtract, add, and refine in your life to create more space for quality time off

  • Upgrade your vocabulary so that you can lead others into being more calm and being less obsessed with busyness

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Time Off Foundations

  • 2

    Design Your Rest Ethic

    • Designing Your Rest Ethic Overview

    • Make Room: Subtract

    • What Resonated With You?

    • Fill the Void: Add

    • What Resonated With You?

    • Build Systems: Refine

    • What Resonated With You?

    • Revisiting Your More of / Less of List

    • Discuss Time Off With Others

  • 3

    Conclusion And Looking Ahead

    • Your Leisure is Noble

    • AI, Time Off, and The Future of Work

    • Thank You! How Can We Do Better?

    • How can we make this course better?

What other Time Off fans are saying:

Time Off is Essential

by Kevin Kelly, Co-founder of Wired Magazine

"You can’t maintain a great work ethic without having a great “rest ethic”. You have to take time off, vacation, go on sabbatical, pause, rest, sleep, slack, play, and goof off in order to be and do your best. Time off is not only essential to a good life, it is something you can get better at."

Rest Ethic

Josh Zimmerman, Learning & Development | GitLab

"I really enjoyed the practical steps in this course for building out my rest ethic. The use of analogies was helpful in understanding the Time Off concepts more too (Inhale vs. Exhale, etc). I felt connected to the speakers in a personable/empathetic way."

Time Off Essentials

Samantha Lee, Learning and Development | GitLab

"I really enjoyed the course. It has helped me analyze what I can subtract from my day-to-day, and what I can now add that brings greater value and purpose."

Design Your Rest Ethic

Time off is a skill, not an afterthought. Refine your ability to recover, reflect, improve, and innovate on what matters most to your bottom line.

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